InterActivity 2023 Session Materials

The conference included six blocks of concurrent professional development sessions. Please note, this page will continue to be updated. For session descriptions and presenters, see the InterActivity 2023 Final Program.

Thursday, April 27, 10:45 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Small But Mighty! Keeping Your Small-Scale Museum Vibrant
Presentation slides
Handout (Key Takeaways)

U.S. Federal Agencies Funding Opportunities and Commitment to Children and Families

Sparking Creative Futures: Co-Designing with Children
Presentation slides

Children’s Museums Deserve Public Funding–Government Advocacy at Every Level

Caretakers of Wonder: Climate Action and Children’s Well-Being

Exploring Religious Literacy in Children’s Museums: Some Whys and Hows
Presentation slides
Session poll results: What does your museum currently do?

Who Are We Missing? Ways to Connect with Underserved Communities
Presentation slides

Building a Community of Playful Learners–One Brick at a Time!
Presentation slides
Supporting Learning Through Play at Chicago Children’s Museum (exhibit guide)

Empowering Aspiring Educators
Presentation slides
Speaking the Same Language handout
QR codes for intros and resources

Measuring Social Impact for Strategic Change
Presentation slides
Measuring Social Impact activity

Thursday, April 27, 2:00 p.m.-3:15 p.m.

Grow with Your Families: Use Data to Cultivate Relationships and Create Lifelong Donors
Presentation slides

Trending Toward Social Media Success
Presentation slides
Social Media Strategy Template
Social Media Content Calendar Template

How Rewarding is Risk? Play, Risk-Taking, and Building Capable Children
Presentation slides

The Importance of Accreditation to Children’s Museums
Presentation slides
AAM Core Standards in Plain English
AAM Qualities of a Successful Accreditation Review

Applying the Reggio Emilia Philosophy in a Museum Context
Presentation slides
Cycle of inquiry
Observation template

Overloaded: Sensory Integration and Inclusion for All
Presentation slides
Sensory Accessibility Checklist
Resources list

Necessity is the Mother of Invention: Novel Ideas for Community Engagement
Presentation slides

Museums and Firefighters Collaborating to Keep Children and Families Safe
Introduction slides
EdVenture – South Carolina State Partnership slides
UL FSRI Home Furnishings Comparison (Natural vs. Synthetic) video
EdVenture Home Safe Home slides
Exhibit designer’s perspective

Community Building from the Ground Up: Focusing on Relationships
Presentation slides

Exploring the Sustainability of Virtual Programs
Presentation slides

Thursday, April 27, 3:45 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

Priceless Visits: Pay-What-You-Can Price Models
Presentation slides

Capital Campaigns: Small Voices Lead to Big Wins
Presentation slides
Capital campaigns roles and responsibilities handout
Small Wins: Redefining the Scale of Social Problems, Karl E. Weik, 1984 (retrieved from Southeastern Oklahoma State University website)

Transforming Our Capacity for Inclusive and Authentic STEM Experiences for Latinx Audiences
Presentation slides

Youth and Young Adult Leadership Development–Building Bench
Session chair has not sent materials

Teddy Talks: Supporting Social Emotional Wellness through Innovative and Trauma-Informed Programming
Script: Teddy Talks (Self-Care with Barbara Banana)

Size is Not a Constraint for Inclusion
Presentation slides

Playing with Purpose: Joyful Solutions for Societal Change
Session chair has not sent materials

Keeping Families Intact: The Value Children’s Museums Share with Prisons
Presentation slides
Jumpstart Your Partnership with a Corrections Facility handout
Instructions for Printing, Folding, and Cutting the Zine

Inspiring Great Guest Engagement
Presentation slides
Right Fit Framework, Marbles Kids Museum

Friday, April 28, 10:30 a.m.-11:45 a.m.

CEO/CDO Partnerships That Supercharge Fundraising
Presentation slides
Discussion tool
Tactical framework

Communications and Marketing Strategies for Smaller Museums
Presentation slides

What’s Up with Climbers?
Presentation slides

Fostering Nimble, Culturally Competent and Inclusive Museum Operations
Diversity, Equity, Access, and Inclusion: Actionable Insights

Transforming Our World: Welcoming Immigrants and Refugees to Our Museums
Session chair has not sent materials

Children’s Museum Learning Frameworks
Presentation slides
Right Fit Play Framework, Marbles Kids Museum
For more about learning frameworks, see the Children’s Museum Research Network, research project 1

Meaningful Moments of Play-Based Learning in K-Institutions: Case Studies from South Korea
Presentation slides, Northern Gyeonggi Children’s Museum
Northern Gyeonggi Children’s Museum video 1
Northern Gyeonggi Children’s Museum, video 2
Northern Gyeonggi Children’s Museum, video 3

Re-Envisioning Organizational Culture by Centering Equity and Staff Voices
Presentation slides
Why? Who? How? What? worksheet

Friday, April 28, 1:15 p.m.-2:30 p.m.

Amplifying Your Museum’s Voice: Working with Funding Officers
There are no materials for this session

Breaking the Invisible Line Between Museum Stores and Programmatic Play
Presentation slides
Values informed criteria handout
Store item cards

Exhibit Master Planning: An Essential Tool for Long-Term Sustainability
Presentations slides

Children’s Museum Effective Practices Jeopardy
Presentations slides

Benefits of Great Storytelling in Museums
Amy Bluemel videos

Seeing Joy and Other Social Emotional Moments in Our Museums
Presentation slides
Resource list

Scaling Respectfully: Co-Developing Play-Based Activities Across a Museum Network (and More!)
Presentation slides

Advocating for the Floor–Opening Communication Between Floor and Management
Presentation slides

Friday, April 28, 2:45 p.m.-4:00 p.m.

There Will be W(h)ine! Cheers to Financials That Engage Boards
Presentation slides
Presenter notes

Create a Space: What Do Feelings Look Like?
Create a Space project and exhibit information
Create a Space video
Moody puppets lesson plan

Museums for All: Being a Pillar in Your Community
Presentation slides

Engineering with Young Children
Presentation slides
Head Start resource list: activity kits and other products
Make Way for Ducklings: An Integrated Engineering and Empathy Challenge lesson plan

Strengthening Families by Engaging Parents in Play
Presentation slides
PEP handout
Where do you feel your emotions handout
Parent with play workshop outcomes

Amplifying Our Impact through Play-Based Learning
Presentation slides
Introduction to Play-Based Learning
The Science of Playful Learning
Play-Based Learning Activity Guide
Play-Based Learning Resources

More Mistakes Were Made!
Introduction and definitions
Presentation slides

What Does a Post-Pandemic Children’s Museum Look Like?
Presentation slides