Build Your Own Coaster


This interactive, hands-on experience involves the creation of your own Roller Coaster - from design to testing and then re-testing. What makes the best design? Where does the ball get its energy from? How many different coasters can you build? Providing this experience for your visitor will give them a chance to make discoveries about force and energy, about friction and stability, while at the same time having a lot of fun. As a full set, this exhibit connects play and learning together, giving the visitor a chance to develop their skills of observation, investigation and experimentation.


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Name Description
Exhibit Producer Ontario Science Centre
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Price $22,000 USD + Shipping
Size Under 1000 sq ft
Exhibit Subject(s) Creativity, Early Childhood, Motor SCkills/Physical Challenges, Pretend Play, Science, Energy, Engineering
Type Purchase
Length of Rental
Availability Two (2) full-sets currently available for purchase. Can also do custom orders. Contact us for more information
Contact Tiffenni Wilkinson
Phone 416-696-4603

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Ontario Science Centre : Exhibit for Rent
Organization : Ontario Science Centre
City : Toronto
State/Prov : Ontario
Country : Canada