Our Commitment to Equity

At the Association of Children’s Museums (ACM), our mission is to champion children’s museums as we pursue our vision of a world that honors all children and respects the diverse ways in which they learn and develop.

In ACM’s Strategic Roadmap, we assert our belief that children’s museums are unique community institutions where pursuing equity and inclusion is a best practice that reflects a commitment to serving all children and families and advancing the growth of our field.

ACM and our members are committed to honoring, practicing, and promoting equity and inclusion. ACM engages our membership and our own organization in equity and inclusion efforts through the following initiatives and projects:

Key Definitions

Equity is fair access to resources that advance social justice by allowing for full participation in society and self-determination in meeting fundamental needs. This requires addressing structural and historical barriers and systems of oppression.

Diversity is the ways in which human beings are similar and different, including but not limited to identities, social positions, lived experiences, values, and beliefs.

Inclusion is culture that creates an environment of involvement, respect, and connection in which the richness of diverse ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives are valued.

Accessibility is ensuring equitable access to everyone along the continuum of human ability and experience.

*Source: Cultural Competence Learning Institute