Opposites Abstract: A Mo Willems Exhibit is based on Mo Willems’ recent all-ages book, Opposites Abstract, published by Hyperion Books for Children. Taking inspiration from the eye-popping, emotive and highly accessible words and abstract images from the book, this interactive exhibition invites its audience to view and play by exploring the complicated yet simple concept of opposites through hands-on experiences, art making activities, and artist-led performances. Geared to both children and former children of all ages, the exhibition will inspire every visitor to create and respond to art in their own unique ways. This exhibit includes all the original artwork framed. This exhibit has bilingual (English/Spanish) signage.


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Name Description
Exhibit Producer Children's Museum of Pittsburgh
Website https://www.pittsburghkidsdesign.org/
Related Link https://www.pittsburghkidsdesign.org/exhibit/opposites-abstract-a-mo-willems-exhibit/
Price $45,000
Size 1,000-1,500 sq ft
Exhibit Subject(s) Arts, Collections, Creativity, Early Childhood
Type Rental
Length of Rental 15 weeks
Availability Contact us for availability.
Contact Michaela Henry
Email exhibits@pittsburghkids.org
Phone 412-322-5058 ext. 510

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Children's Museum of Pittsburgh : Exhibit for Rent
Organization : Children's Museum of Pittsburgh
City : Pittsburgh
State/Prov : Pennsylvania
Country : United States