Children’s Museum Data

ACM maintains a database of comprehensive statistical information on its member museums. This ACM data can be valuable for marketing, fundraising, and general museum planning. All data is compiled through ACM membership surveys.

The data from the ACM Query Service is priceless! I analyze traveling exhibit space sizes, traveling exhibits that museums have rented in the past and operating budgets to benchmark against industry trends. This helps give me context for future decision-making for our traveling exhibits program.

—Amber Stevenson, Traveling Exhibits and Project Manager, Minnesota Children’s Museum

Here is a guide to ACM data resources to help you
select the best option for your needs.

Query Report Service

ACM staff prepares an Excel sheet with fields of museum data organized to your specification. Cost: free to members, or fees apply depending on query request.

ACM Trends Reports

Drawing on a decade of ACM membership data, the reports highlight emerging trends and note opportunities for advancement. Available by subscription or individual report. Cost: member discount applies.


The Benchmark Calculator is no longer available. ACM has integrated Benchmark Calculator information into our other offerings. Please contact with any questions.

Membership information is proprietary and intended to be used for a member institution’s research purposes only. ACM requests that member institutions refrain from sharing the data with any other organization or individual without ACM’s explicit consent. ACM relies on members to complete the survey questions in full to attain the most complete and accurate data; although every effort is made to guarantee accuracy, ACM is not responsible for errors in data content.