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Are you a museum interested in supporting playful learning? Do you provide interactive spaces for children and caregivers? Are you interested in engaging with other museum professionals about informal learning for children?

ACM has supported the work of children’s museums globally for over 60 years. Creating interactive, engaging, playful spaces, children’s museums are experts in supporting the learning and development of children ages 0-8. In addition to creating child-centric informal learning spaces, children’s museums support the parent and caregiver throughout a child’s development process. In support of this vital work, ACM offers a spectrum of resources, best practices, and professional development opportunities for museums that serve children and families.

ACM is the leading association for museums that serve children and families. Any museum may join. While the majority of our members are children’s museums, we welcome emerging and open museums of all types.

Members receive access to data and research-based resources designed to support and advance the work of children’s museums. Engaging in field-wide data collection, members contribute to reports, briefs, advocacy alerts, and case statement identifying emerging trends and opportunities to elevate the field. Staff, volunteers, and board members at ACM member museums can expand their professional expertise through in-person and virtual networking opportunities and engage with others to support field-wide initiatives and research.

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Category Annual Dues
Open U.S. and Canadian Children's Museum
(Dues are on a sliding scale based on annual operating income) .
Level 1
Under $250K
Level 2
Under $500K
Level 3
Under $1 million
Level 4
Under $3 million
Level 5
Under $5 million
Level 6
$5 million or more
International Children's Museum $325
U.S. and Canadian Emerging Children's Museum
(museum is not yet open to the public)
International Emerging Children's Museum
(museum is not yet open to the public)