March 11, 2021 / News & Blog

New Issue of Hand to Hand: Forged in Fire – New Models

The latest issue of Hand to Hand, “Forged in Fire: New Models” is now available! Read each article here on the ACM blog. ACM members can find the full issue PDF in the Online Member Resources Library.

This issue of Hand to Hand shares stories from sixteen museums that have transformed their “temporary” pandemic responses into permanent changes, innovating new ways to deliver their missions and serve their communities.

Many of these stories build upon ACM’s Museums Mobilize initiative to highlight the ways children’s museums are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some changes involve totally new ideas. Others emerged as museums modified and accelerated existing programs or processes, or arose from ideas “on the shelf.” Read the issue to explore new models for museum finances, partnerships, workplace environments, and more.

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Food Pantry Fulfills a Need and Opens a World of Possibilities
Steve Long, Children’s Museum of the East End
New model: Transforming the role and identity of the children’s museum in the community by operating a food pantry.

Doubling Down on DEI
Dianne Krizan, Minnesota Children’s Museum
New model: Building upon existing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts to deepen DEI in the long run.

Learning through and about Social Media
New model: Optimizing social media to become present in visitors’ daily lives.

Taking Science Learning to New Places and People
Neil H. Gordon, The Discovery Museum
New model: Launching Virtual Traveling Science Workshops to significantly grow potential audiences.

Supporting Children’s Learning When and How They Need it
Patti Reiss, Mississippi Children’s Museum
New model: Increasing flexibility in supporting families, from camps to virtual learning to childcare.

Look and Listen: Taking a Chance on New Partnerships
Brian King, Betty Brinn Children’s Museum
New model: Pursuing innovation with an entrepreneurial approach to new partnerships.

Expanding the Earned Income Menu: Camps, Seasonal Fun, Family Play
Beth Fitzgerald, The Magic House, St. Louis Children’s Museum
New model: Strengthening earned income base by expanding indoor/outdoor programming and offering private playtimes.

Programs Multiply As Reach Expands
Joe Cox, Museum of Discovery and Science
New model: Innovating virtual programming to achieve their mission of connecting people to inspiring science.

Building a Bigger Purpose
Kerry Falwell, Explorations V Children’s Museum
New model: Forming new guiding principles and a new mission statement to serve as new institutional lighthouse.

Welcoming the Neighbors
Carol Tang, PhD, Children’s Creativity Museum
New model: Rebuilding strong foundations by returning the museum’s focus to local neighborhood audiences.

The Future of Membership Programs
Q&A with Jane Greenthal, Harvard Business School Association of Northern California Community Partners
New model: Exploring opportunities provided by non-traditional membership models in the years to come.

Cross-Institutional Study of Virtual Programming: What Do Parents Want Now?
Scott Burg & Claire Quimby, Rockman et al
New model: Supporting effective virtual programming with actionable audience data.

An Ongoing Journey of Healing
Julia Bland, Louisiana Children’s Museum
New model: Increasing focus on providing mental health support to children and families.

The Future of Work: Putting Pivots into Practice and Examining How We Support Staff
Kyrstin Hill, Creative Discovery Museum
New model: Offering equitable and flexible work options for staff with young children.

Museum Guild 2021
Tara MacDougall, Discovery Center at Murfree Spring
New model: Creating a Museum Guild 2021 to increase participation and diversity among visitors and donors.

Why Do We Need All This Office Space Now?
Collette Michaud, Children’s Museum of Sonoma County
New model: Reorganizing office space based on flexible new work patterns.

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