Director of Exhibits and Exhibits Engagement



The Director of Exhibits and Exhibits Engagement (DEEE) contributes to the mission of Imagine Children’s Museum to utilize playful learning to enrich children’s lives through the design, development, execution, and ongoing improvement of exhibits and related activities that create an engaging visitor experience. Imagine currently offers new exhibits as part of its recent 33,000 sq. ft. expansion, complemented by existing exhibits in the original building. The DEEE is responsible for maintaining exhibits momentum by creating and executing a master plan that articulates a strategic multi-year sequence of exhibit renovation and replacement, based on results from systematic evaluation. The DEEE advances this long-term vision through oversight of daily exhibit maintenance and repair, periodic changes to freshen the exhibit experience, and annual exhibits refurbishment. Working collaboratively with other departments, the DEEE is responsible for exhibit engagement programming that is both self-guided and facilitated. As a member of Imagine’s leadership team, the DEEE contributes to the overall success of the organization through interdepartmental collaboration and mutual support.


1. Position Requirements

a. Professional knowledge of and experience in

b. Exhibit development for hands-on, child/family-centered environments

c. Developing content and interpretation for intergenerational audiences

d. Creating an engaging visitor experience

e. Learning through play for multiple learning styles

f. Exhibit evaluation and prototyping

2. Administrative knowledge of and experience in

a. Leading diverse teams

b. Collaborative interaction with peers and cross-functional teams

c. Strategic planning

d. Budget development and management

e. Analysis of bids and contracts

f. Project management

g. Clear communication, both verbal and written

3. Technical knowledge of and ability to

a. Visually express ideas with hand sketches and computer drawing

b. Visually communicate project management schedules and responsibilities

c. Interpret technical instructions

d. Read architectural plans and specifications

e. Comply with OSHA, SDS, and ADA

4. Preferred experience in

a. Basic shop skills

b. AV and electronic components

5. As needed, ability to

a. Work evenings and weekends

b. Work on call shifts

6. Commitment to Imagine Children’s Museum mission, vision and beliefs.

Job Responsibilities:    

1. Essential Functions/Major Responsibilities

a. Create and execute an exhibits master plan.

b. Conduct both informal and formal evaluations of exhibit function, educational effectiveness, accessibility, and degree of visitor engagement.

c. Based on these results and aligned with Imagine’s strategic vision, develop and execute a multi-year exhibits master plan that articulates a sequence of exhibit renovation and/or replacement.

d. Work collaboratively with the Museum’s leadership team to develop conceptual plans for new exhibit areas.

e. Work with finance and development directors to budget and raise funds for new exhibit projects.

f. Engage with in-house staff and contractors to design, prototype, fabricate, and install new exhibit areas.

g. Plan, develop, and negotiate scope of work, pricing, and contracts with exhibit contractors; ensure adherence to budgets and schedules.

h. Conduct after-opening evaluation to ensure that new exhibits are performing as intended and remediate if necessary.

2. Optimize daily exhibit function.

a. Oversee daily exhibit maintenance and repair to ensure proper function, safety, sanitation, accessibility, inclusion, and attractiveness.

b. Oversee daily husbandry of the Museum’s live collections to ensure animal health and safety.

c. Oversee management of Imagine’s teaching collections to ensure the proper documentation and care of objects.

d. Continually freshen the exhibit experience through rotation of props, seasonal changes, and/or introduction of new play elements.

e. Plan and execute annual exhibit refurbishment during closed week.

f. Oversee contracts, pricing, and performance of exhibit contractors and vendors.

3. Develop and execute exhibit engagement programming that is both self-guided and facilitated.

a. Work collaboratively with the Director of Education to develop self-guided activities that enhance the exhibits’ learning objectives.

b. Work collaboratively with the Director of Operations to train Imaginologists to facilitate on-the-floor activities that add value and advance playful learning.

c. Seek ways to activate the exhibit environment with other programming elements that deepen visitor engagement.

4. Serve as a member of Imagine’s leadership team.

a. Contribute to leadership discussions of organizational policies and procedures, finances, safety, visitor experience, and community engagement.

b. Develop, submit, and modify as requested an annual Exhibits department budget.

c. Contribute to overall organizational efforts such as strategic planning, the annual fundraiser/report, and grant proposals.

d. Engage in activities related to museum-wide capital projects including architectural planning, programmatic design, space use, and function.

e. Support Imagine’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

5. Other duties as assigned.


More details

Deadline: 01/01/2024
Date Listed: 10/17/2023
Web Address:
Job Status: Full Time
Exemption Status: Exempt
Salary: $65,000 - $80,000
Application Instructions: Submit resume, cover letter and application online at

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Organization: Imagine Children's Museum
City : Everett
State/Prov : Washington
Country : United States