Static Electricity Stations


Static Dome: Explore charges by creating a storm of static electricity! The Static Dome consists of a transparent hemisphere containing small foam beads. The dome is mounted on a durable platform featuring a pair of tethered charging fabric pieces. Rubbing the fabric on the dome creates a static charge in the beads which will respond by flying around in a violent static storm! Static Electricity Sensor: Rub your feet on the carpet and place your hand on the sensing plate. The meter will indicate not only how much static charge you have but also if it is positive or negative! Pressing the button will ground the charge and reset the meter to the zero position. Sensitivity adjustment is included to calibrate the electronics to your space and varying humidity levels.


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Name Description
Exhibit Producer Science Kinetics
Website Columbia Children's Museum - aMuse'um
Related Link Columbia Children's Museum - aMuse'um
Price Static Dome: $1,000 Static Electricity Sensor: : $750
Size Under 1,000 sq ft
Exhibit Subject(s) Science
Type Purchase
Length of Rental
Availability Immediately
Contact Amber Clark
Phone 931-223-6337

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Science Kinetics : Exhibit for Purchase
Organization : Science Kinetics
City : Columbia
State/Prov : Tennessee
Country : United States