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Young Architects

In this exhibit which highlights famous architects as inspiration and various block building media for a hands-on interactive learning experience;...
Location :  Cleveland, Ohio

I Feel

I Feel: Understanding Emotions Together is based on The Way I Feel Book Series written by Cornelia Maude Spelman. The exhibit fulfills an...
Location :  Cleveland, Ohio

Centuries of Childhood

In Centuries of Childhood: An American Story, children will connect the stories of American history to their own experiences by learning about the...
Location :  Cleveland, Ohio

The Secrets Of Bees

Our newest exhibit, "The Secrets of Bees", focuses on a very timely subject. Let's educate our children now to the great importance of bees and...
Location :  n/a

XOXO: An Exhibit About Love & Forgiveness

Explore love and forgiveness through interactive experiences that inspire feelings and conversations about these emotions. Hold hands to illuminate...
Location :  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Silly Faces

Children's Museum of Pittsburgh partners with artist Amanda Long to create Silly Faces, an interactive video installation that asks the audience...
Location :  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Team Up! Explore Science & Sports

Team Up! Explore Science & Sports examines the science of sports through 14 interactive components. Visitors can test their own skills in sports...
Location :  Rockford, Illinois

Amusement Park Science

Families will enjoy exploring the physics behind the fun at amusement parks when they experience the traveling exhibition Amusement Park Science....
Location :  Rockford, Illinois

The Power Of Children: Making A Difference

The Power of Children: Making a Difference shares the extraordinary stories of Anne Frank, Ruby Bridges, and Ryan White—three children whose lives...
Location :  Indianapolis, Indiana

Super Kids Save The World

It's saving electricity with a flip of a light switch, turning an old tablecloth into a super hero cape and repairing something instead of...
Location :  St. Louis, Missouri