InterActivity 2018 Call for Session Proposals

Let's Build This Conference Together

With Open Source Play, you will have the opportunity to partner in a new way—kick-start a messy conversation to inspire new ideas, share colossal failures and surprising successes, field test a new play idea, and source improvements from the crowd.

Open Exchange
What new play ideas are inspiring your teams and communities? Share the code! Think exhibits, programs, partnerships, and combinations of all three.

How can we engage everyone and free ourselves to collaborate and create with each other? Think staff structures and management practices, new exhibit design and fabrication models, donor engagement, partner programming, and new ways of working across lines and sectors.

How are we building cultures of engagement, purpose, and innovation in and around our museums? Think staff, board, volunteers, partners, as well as neighborhoods and community initiatives.

Watch for session proposal information and deadlines—coming soon.