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The Secrets of Bees


In this exhibit, children will watch short educational videos about the life of bees. They can study our fascinating plexiglass covered “observation hive” set up with a looped video of a bee hive in action.

Dressed like honey bees,
children can “fly” to the garden of 5 foot tall flowers, gather pollen into their pollen sacks, then “fly” into the giant bee hive to start the hive work of the day: Packing pollen and nectar into honey comb, making and fanning honey, feeding and taking care of the larvae, cleaning the hive, protecting the hive, and tending to the Queen.

Children can also don real beekeeper protective gear and work real wooden hives. They can open up several hives, lift out frames and check them for honey production, inspect the nursery to see how their bee population is growing, and find the queen bee laying her eggs.

The beekeepers will have a
chance to extract “honey” from the frames, fill lots of honey bear jars full of the golden sweetness, then “sell” the honey at our roadside stand.

This exhibit will address the sting factor: What to do to not get stung, what to do if you do get stung, and why bees don t want to sting!

We will also address what we can do to strive for the continuing health and growth of the worlds’ honey bee population.

This exhibit will have no live bees but will be full of beautiful photos and videos of bees in action.

Together we can help ensure our future for our chidren and our honey bees.

It all starts with education.

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Name Description
Job Listing
Exhibit Producer Imaginarium
Price $8,500
Size Under 1,000 sq. ft
Exhibit Subject(s) Animals/Insects,Environment/Nature,Health,Pretend Play
Type Rent
Length of Rental 3 or 6 month rental
Contact Karen Ames
Related Link!exhibits
Phone (805) 239-9333

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