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ACM MarketPlace

The ACM MarketPlace will be open on May 3 from 4:00 p.m.–7:00 p.m. and May 4 from 7:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. The ACM MarketPlace Reception will be on May 3 from 5:30 p.m.–7:00 p.m.

Exhibitor Floor Plan

Exhbit at InterActivity 2017 to connect with high-level decision-makers and influencers from children's museums around the world. Booths highlighted in green are reserved for sponsors at the $1500 plus level plus the cost of the booth.  Booths highlighted in blue are reserved for prime location exhibitors.

Floor Plan 17


 Booth Number  Company Booth Number  Company
Booth 1: Earthplay  Booth 41:  Do A Dot Art
Booth 2: Tegu  Booth 42: Sciencenter
Booth 3: Evergreen Exhibitions Booth 43: Redbox Workshop
Booth 4: Patron Technology, LLC. Booth 44: 1220 Exhibits, Inc.
Booth 5: Brackitz Booth 45: Luckey Climbers, Inc.
Booth 6:  Wells Fargo Booth 46:  Gyroscope
Booth 7: Heartland Scenic Studio Booth 47:  Kidzibits
Booth 8: Heartland Scenic Studio Booth 48: MindSplash
Booth 9: Convergence, LLC.  Booth 49: Lee H. Skolnick Architecture +Design Parternship
Booth 10: Team Lab Kids, Inc. Booth 50: Betty Brinn Children's Museum
Booth 11: Team Lab Kids, Inc. Booth 51: Blick Art Materials
Booth 12: Oi Furniture Booth 52: MIG | Portico
Booth 13: Spooner, Inc. Booth 53: Jack Rouse Associates, Inc.
Booth 14: TAM Retail Booth 54: Boss Display
Booth 15: Little Ray's Reptile Zoo, Inc. Booth 55: Boss Display 
Booth 16: Big Logz Booth 56: ExtremeTix, Inc.
Booth 17: Booth 57: Modular Robotics
Booth 18: The Inlatable Depot, Inc. Booth 58: Digitalis
Booth 19: Soft Play, LLC. Booth 59: Digitalis 
Booth 20: Science Museum of Minnesota Booth 60: Gateway Ticketing Systems, Inc. 
Booth 21: Imagination Playground Booth 61: PartyWorks Interactive, Inc.
Booth 22: Discount School Supply Booth 62: PartyWorks InterActive, Inc.
Booth 23: Argyle Design, Inc. Booth 63: Roto
Booth 24: Marbles Kids Museum & Greater Raleigh CVB Booth 64: Minnesota Children's Museum 
Booth 25: Forbo Flooring Systems Booth 65: Children's Museum of Indianapolis
Booth 26: FLEXHIBIT Booth 66: The Magic House, St. Louis Children's Museum 
Booth 27: nWave Pictures Distribution Booth 67: Safespace Concepts, Inc. 
Booth 28: Ontario Science Centre Booth 68: Kraemer Design + Production, Inc.
Booth 29: Dave Phillips Mazes & Gamesave Phillips Mazes & Games Booth 69: Blackbaud
Booth 30: Kubik Maltbie, Inc.  Booth 70: Vstar Entertainment Group
Booth 31: KaBoom! Booth 71:  Children's Museum of Houston
Booth 32: Imagination Playground  Booth 72:  Explorer Systems
Booth 33: Children's Museum of Pittsburgh Booth 73:  Haizlip Studio
Booth 34:  Dillon Works, Inc. Booth 74: Roto 
Booth 35:  Universal Services Associates, Inc. Booth 75: Benee's 
Booth 36:    Booth 76: American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture
Booth 37:  Humphrey's Farm, Inc. Booth 77: iZone Imaging
Booth 38:  LiteZilla Booth 78: Digitalis
Booth 39:    Booth 79: Digitalis 
Booth 40:   NISE Network    


 Tabletop Number Company  Tabletop Number  Company 
Tabletop 1:   Tabletop 9: Numbers Alive!
Tabletop 2: R. Hero  Tabletop 10:  BIG & Digital
Tabletop 3: T. Mickel Designs  Tabletop 11:  Brad Larson Media
Tabletop 4: RJ and Associates, Inc. Tabletop 12:  Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose
Tabletop 5: RJ and Associates, Inc.  Tabletop 13:  David Oliver's Play Visions, Inc.
Tabletop 6: Mad Systems Tabletop 14: Chicago Scenic Studios, Inc.
Tabletop 7: Kodo Kids Tabletop 15: Blue Telescope Studios
Tabletop 8: Museum of Science - National Living Laboratory    

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